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Welcome to District Eatz, where your neighborhood comes to feast! Established in June 2020, our first eatery was strategically placed just three blocks from the Capital One Arena in the vibrant heart of Washington, D.C. We embarked on a gastronomic mission to be a culinary haven for the metropolitan community, offering a delicious blend of trendy and customizable cuisine.

Launching amidst the global pandemic didn’t deter our zeal or vision. Instead, this family-owned establishment quickly blossomed, thanks to our community-centric approach and a delectable menu filled with savory delights. From invigorating acai bowls to indulgent Belgian waffles, hearty empanadas, and beyond, there’s a taste for every palate at District Eatz.

Success swiftly followed us to Clifton, Virginia, where in March 2021, we inaugurated District Eatz Clifton. With a theme that resonates with the spirit of neighboring Centreville High School, this new location continued our tradition of celebrating local culture and flavors.

Our founders, Kamal, Anthony, and Joseph, envisioned District Eatz as more than a restaurant chain. The goal was, and always will be, to forge an inclusive, neighborhood-centered brand. As we gear up to launch more locations, we remain committed to ensuring that each one is imbued with a community-driven ethos. Our original menu is the beating heart of every restaurant, but we want each District Eatz also pays homage to its location through unique menu items, products, and thematic experiences.

The exciting next chapter for District Eatz begins with our new owner, Veena Jaydev who is a culinary enthusiast focused on bringing healthy food choices to the community. They are infusing their entrepreneurial spirit and rich heritage into our expanding family of eateries, bringing fresh ideas and flavors while staying true to our core values.

So join us at District Eatz, “Your Neighborhood Eatery,” and become part of a culinary journey that bridges flavors, traditions, and communities. We can’t wait to welcome you to our table!

Veena Jay


Kamal, Anthony, and Joseph


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